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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Diablo III

Two decades ever since the third ruler of darkness, Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal-memporak Sanctuary devastating world and all its contents. Until now the third Prime Evil was defeated, the people who had felt the Sanctuary kedashyatannya slowly began to forget the bad events.

During visits back to the ruins of Tristram Cathedral, Deckard Cain is trying to find clues to defeat new dark figures began returning to undermine human, the sky appeared a sign of a flash fire at the point of grabbing just the first appearance of Diablo to Sanctuary. This sky as a sign calling for the heroes of Sanctuary to rise again to fight to protect the world from the dark influence of the Burning Hell.

Thus the story line briefly attempting to be appointed in Diablo III Blizzard. As revealed in the first demo of this game in public at the time of the annual event Blizzard Invitational in 2008, held in Paris, 28-29 June. By introducing the two characters (of which there are five characters in the game), the Barbarian and Witch Doctor. "We've been wanting to explore the storyline and gameplay elements of Diablo into a stage further," said Mike Morhaime, as CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment.

Blizzard admitted that the development of Diablo III has been done from the year 2005, with the initial artistic designs differ from that shown in the demo this time. In the process until now, Diablo III creators team numbering 50 men had undergone three revisions. Among the team's creator, the name of Jay Wilson as the responsible design that had handled Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and Company Heroes.

Later, Diablo III playable for single player and multiplayer as well. The plan was prepared Blizzard Battle.net players who can connect with each other so much easier and make cooperation among players to make it more fun. Too early to know when Diablo III will be released in Indonesia. However, the Blizzard promises to release Diablo III to many countries simultaneously.

The use of new skills becomes easier in Diablo III, because of the system Kombat and a new user interface that prioritizes the use of skills than the use potion. Blizzard is trying to reduce the use of the potion by gamers for gamers too often become very dependent on the potion when fighting than they use their skills. By that, now every enemy will drop health items globe, whose function is to add your health and other players are also a group with you. One of the best features in Diablo III compared to the previous game series are events in the game flow so neat and well organized in line with the original storyline to be appointed in the game.

Beyond that, Blizzard is still shut up about the amount of certain classes of characters that can be played when Diablo III release later. Although has been confirmed by Blizzard that not all the classes in Diablo II will also trafficked into Diablo III. In addition, Blizzard can not determine how many gamers can play with the game features online co-op that in fact is very vital in this game. Still absurd to be playing with the feature online co-op that eight people, but they argued that Blizzard will make decisions with more major player in the comfort of his game play, then the numbers likely will not be up to eight people.

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