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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Can not be denied again, Modern Warfare 2 is one of the game the most awaited and anticipated by gamers. From the trailer, which is shown, this game does look promising and not yet added to the fact that in previous games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare The first, managed to achieve great success. No wonder if many gamers are hoping at this one game and we rarely even get a story in which big games that will soon be released, it was juxtaposed with the game was made by Infinity Wards.

In this latest game, you will take the role of a soldier named Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson. While the main hero in the previous game, "Soap" MacTavish, now has become a captain and he has replaced the position of Captain Price.

In the demo we saw with our own eyes, we can not deny that all the enthusiasm that is owned by the gamers will be met with great success. In the demo we saw, seen where a gamer who played those levels was in an area full of snow and you're shown a snowy mountain climbing. After that, you immediately use a weapon equipped with a silencer for the past Russian soldiers to be able to reach a satellite that has fallen.

When finished struggling with mountains of snow, you will begin to explore the mountain full of snow and you will be armed with a machine gun equipped with a heartbeat sensor. This tool is useful to know whether there is an enemy near you. At first, this game will still be easy to play, but soon, you will increasingly find it difficult. Apparently this stage is designed so that you must use your stealth skills to get through the defense of the Russian troops safely. This all is a mode single-player game. There's more other multiplayer game modes.

One of the modes provided here called Special Ops mode. This mode is a stand-alone mode outside of game mode single-player and multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In this mode, you can choose to play alone or want to play together with your friends by using co-op feature. You need to know, Special Ops mode is a game mode has a high tempo game and will need high self readiness to play this one mode.

Infinity Wards did say that the Special Ops mode this is an exciting new mode of Call of Duty franchise to include in their new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. So, that means you'll get three modes you can play, ranging from single-player mode, multiplayer and Special Ops. Which she called again, all these modes will stand alone and will not have anything to do with each other. For example, if you managed to get a prize when playing a multiplayer mode, then the award will not be available in single-player mode or modes Special Ops.

Special ops mode is included here can also be said to be a place for a few scenes that are considered incompatible with the main storyline the game, fumbled. Thus, this mode is a special mode that includes all the scenes that are not so listed by Infinity Wards into single-mode playernya. That alone indicates that each mode there are stand alone and had nothing to do with the other modes.

Equipment for a sniper is also quite diverse. One of the important peripheral sight here is the screen. This time, you will find a lot of this type of viewfinder screen, from screen capture that will target the enemy based on body temperature, there is a normal viewfinder screen you usually find in a hunting rifle and still have a few more different types of viewfinder screen provided for this game . Quite innovative, Infinity Wards.

Talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, certainly can not miss one of the main factors, namely weapons. There are quite a lot of different weapons you can find in this game and all that you can find only in one game only. Even in a game later, you too will enter a room full of weapons.

A series of cool scenes that were not left behind and the mission needs in an increasingly exciting and interesting will also continue to accompany you to play. High-quality images, sound and steady kedetilan level high enough in this game makes Modern Warfare 2 be one of the most decent game anticipated. All this talk and fuss about how good this game was not in vain and totally in accordance with the expectations of gamers.

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Super Mario Bros, Wii

Nintendo of America had begun preparing for the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii on November 15, 2009. One thing to note by gamers is that Nintendo's party is still yet to tell how many of the world and the available levels in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but at least, all levels given the level here is really new.

Game storyline as a whole is very simple. The plots in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii begins in the castle as being a celebration Peach, where a cake that emerges here is very suspicious. After that, the cake was thrown into the room, just above Princess. Koopa Kids seized the Princess and left Mario, Luigi, Toad and the Yellow Blue Toad. Once aware, they immediately went after them.

The design of this game is quite similar to the DS version, so you'll find all of the places almost similar to each other. In the existing map, you will be prompted to select the level you want and complete the challenges given, which is to open the way to be able to enter the next level.

New Super Mario Bros. Mario Wii is a game that fully uses 2D graphics and using the NDS as its main foundation. You will use the Wii remote with a graphical display similar to the Nintendonya version. There are quite a lot of levels that will make you dizzy. One example is the level where you will find a lot of blocks similar to the existing block at Tetris. The difference is, these blocks will continue to spin to make you fell off the block and the task you are trying to not fall. You'll also find a level that uses the desert setting, where you have to deal with a high sand waves and the effect this course can still be applied to the previous generation consoles (NES).

In the demo version available, there are several shortcomings where you will feel the delay in the game. Even so, it does not mean almost 100% the game will you go through with the full delay. Only, since the demo was only a demo not final, it is possible in the final result, you will not feel like that anymore problems.

Well, now that the main points and became the most proud of elements and highlighted by Nintendo this is a multiplayer feature. During the game, you can ask your friends to go directly into the game and use one of the other characters are still remaining, namely Luigi, Blue and Yellow Toad Toad. Even more wonderful, you can also directly play with 3 people at once (a total of 4 persons) in the game. Quite innovative.

But, it should be noted that the existence of these additional features, it does not mean all the tasks you will be easier or more difficult. That sometimes you will feel that it will be hard because sometimes your friends who play it will be a separate barrier. If the gamer's life is up, then automatically you have to wait until the level is completed. Every time you start a new level, so gamers who have died before it will come back to get 5 opportunities to try again.

Of course, Yoshi will also re-emerged in several levels in New Super Mario Bross and he will be in different colors, depending on the number of gamers in a level. You can use the capabilities of Yoshi to eat the fire out or remove the larger fire again after you've swallowed a ball of fire is less.

You'll find a lot of classic items that must already well known. You can find mushrooms to minimize self-which will help Mario to escape from a small place or a small pipe that can be used by Mario to reach the secret room. In addition to fireworks, you will also find another new interest, ie frost. With this frost, you can freeze the enemies, then take the ice and tossed it toward the other enemies. In other words, use it as a weapon.

There are still lots of surprises provided by Nintendo and all that still have to wait until the game is released. So, please be patient.


Risen is a game development results from Piranha Bytes, a successful developer to develop Gothic franchise. New game developed by Piranha Bytes is using the settings in a very big place and it all depends on what the gamer, not specified by the game designer. It must be admitted, when they released Gothic Gothic 1 and 2, the game was quite successful. But in Gothic 3, the game is very disappointing and we strongly hope that this does not happen again in Risen. But keep in mind, a game that uses full freedom in all things, usually tends to be a pretty strong game and will be very interesting for gamers.

From the information we collect, is said to have Risen playing style quite similar to Gothic. Ranging from how to move, the overall game design, collection of armor, battle line, the menu provided, and even the typeface used here is very similar to previous work from Piranha Bytes. Although the main stars in this game is not a hero without a name, but this game still has a similar atmosphere.

The story in this game begins when the character you were stranded after ship destroyed. Then he went to explore and discover a world where there are ancient ruins to the surface after a certain incident involving gods and humans. The result? Monsters everywhere. Then you take a piece of wood, a report on the current situation from an NPC that is near you and explore the island directly to find out the truth you are in a place like anything.

Unlike the RPG games where when you usually play, you just will directly enter into an area with a low level and do not know exactly what you would do, even in the Risen have enough direction to help traveling you.

Before starting a description of a new game from the Piranha Bytes, there is a good idea to give the advantages or whatever the user interface provided in this game. Unlike Gothica, this game actually provides a user interface is very friendly and very helpful. In the game, you will see a map for the mission where you can find all the signs that will help you find people who can give you missions to do. For those who do not like the map like that, certainly not use the feature.


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