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Saturday, September 19, 2009

DC Universe Online

Do not admit a fan of comics and games that have not felt the DC Universe Online (DCUO), where you can act as a comic figure you dream and play online with all the players around the world. DCUO currently in the process of final polishing by a team of developers, namely Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is working with Warner Bros. and DC Comic. The first test was conducted concurrently with the annual performance of Comic-Con International 2008, San Diego, on July 24 to 27 then.

If you want in terms of concept and the parties involved in the making, certainly not a game DCUO deh vain. Who knows ga Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or characters other comics mainstay DC Comic. Well in this game is going to be handled directly by Jim Lee, the legendary Duck artists from one of the largest comics publisher in the world. For the game problem, SOE is also known as games-have game for the circulation, such as EverQuest, Untold Legends, Star Wars Galaxies, and others. Not to forget a few movies that exploded on the market work of Warner Bros., including the films made from comic characters. DCUO plans will be marketed for the PS3 console and PC.

As promised, does not look like DCUO MMO games in general, in this game you can make their own creations as a superhero or a villain with the unique strengths of each to represent the virtues and crimes that affect the overall story line in the DC Universe. Unlike the MMO games in general, has DCUO characteristic of dynamic display that appears on the physical Kombat systems-based gitu deh, become the models previously Kombat impressed the ancient and outdated. You can be free to fly, catch a bus to the enemy, the enemy nembakin pake yours super ring, or a lightning run up a skyscraper, even then the enemy can throw bekuin of the Daily Planet building. Syerem Whew!

"DCUO is a special game, because gamers dream and comic lovers all over the world," said Paul Levitz, head of the DC Comic. "For the first time, you will feel so widely as to determine the DC Universe storyline you want. Who does not kepengen sneak into the secrets of Batman's cave or fly over Metropolis with full speed in order to save Superman? "Said John Smedley, as President of SOE.

The main features of the DC Universe Online, including: artwork and design is the original design of Jim Lee, the legend alive to the comic world is also the founder of DC's WildStorm Comic Productions. Also at the same setting and characters from the comic's famous DC. All the objects in DCUO permitted to be used as a weapon, such as cars, traffic lights, even the enemy can lift and throw you into another enemy, would each be more dynamic Kombat for always showing things new.

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