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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quantum of Solace

Several years ago, Activision takes over James Bond game license (prior to that held by Electronic Arts), and as the first project was the James Bond: Quantum of Solace this. If in the year 2006, Casino Royale managed to lift the figure of James Bond today apart from the image on Bond films before, the Quantum of Solace as well as a mission is to provide a new experience for gamers who like James Bond-style adventures of David Craig it.

Plot on Quantum of Solace connect the story of Casino Royale, where Bond attempts to find a trace of murder girlfriend named Vespa. Uniquely, at one stage in the game, Bond must maintain the safety of the lives of enemy Casino Royale, which is Le Chiffre, who was targeted by assassins. Remarkably again, this game features multiple paths, there is more than one way to complete your mission. For example, when to save Le Chiffre, the first option you can break in through a set of guards who fired on you or walk along the edge of the balcony to where Le Chiffre. Whatever the choice of origin the mission successful legitimate kok, now where do you think is more challenging or interesting?

Quantum of Solace has a few scenarios where you have to find shelter and met fire with your enemies. One of the coolest scenario is in a casino, when all the guards have surrounded the Bond from all directions, while you have to walk on the terrace of the building and find the top casinos on the way to the bottom floor. Whew! The bullet passed on the top head, glass and broken glass scattered on the floor, let alone find a shelter, would be very difficult road.

Somehow in all his films, there's a scene where James Bond chase the same criminals, in the early part of Quantum of Solace aka Bond was told you were chasing a suspect in a building being renovated. Starting from the pursuit of using a tractor to climb and climb to the roof of a building. Unfortunately the scene was interrupted until it without showing the end of the chase. Moreover rumor, there is not going to chase cars super cool as usual, alasanya trivial because David Craig more adventurous walk. Weks!

Whatever it was, Quantum of Solace is still worth waiting for you is a big fan of watching the action charming British secret agent is. Not long anymore, this game is reportedly going to release in November this year, and accompanied by the premiere of the film, James Bond: Quantum of Solace.a

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