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Saturday, September 19, 2009

As a sequel game, Killzone 2 must have expected much better than the previous series. It is understood correctly by the developer as Guerilla Games Killzone franchise this game. Many changes were made in Killzone 2, including the control function, which is now added a special button to jump.

Other changes are significant playable character, who is now in Killzone 2 is only a one character only. Which meant that you can better focus its efforts on developing a super-strong hero character, and believed you would be more his feeling when playing when only using one character only. Though said to myself, but you will still have to lead and interact with your troops, such as helping those who are injured or leading members of troops through some obstacles.

Guerilla Games also added a new protection system, which allows this war game more user friendly. Kalo mo than, well something like so as Gears of War, which by pressing a button you can direct it in the nearest shelter. It seemed lazy, but this is for you is difficult to move while fighting and wanted to find shelter respond strategically to attacks.

This system is very beneficial for you, because with the Helghast army intelligence that they could increase varying strategies in the field quickly, while you should be able to act quickly to anticipate it. Guerilla Games also added a map navigation system that will not only be read by you but also by the enemy. Killzone 2 extra in there at vehicles you can use, such as tanks, hovercraft, and the jetpack.

Another advantage of Killzone 2 is a natural motion that is made more obvious characters, plus a few special effects scenes promises the unexpected. One lesson that can be taken from the design team Killzone 2 is that they are not ashamed to say that they also take the knowledge from some other similar games like Resistance (Insomniac), and God of War, all with the aim of providing the best quality for gamers.

Until now Killzone 2 is still in the stage of final polishing before the plan will be released on the PS3.

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