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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mega Man 9

In this latest adventure, Mega Man must return to deal with Dr. Wily is once again terrorize the people with evil robots made. But in between these robots there are also some that are creations of Dr. Light, in fact is the creator of Mega Man himself, so that Mega Man should be able to get rid of all the evil robots and clear the good name of Dr. Light.

As typical Mega Man game before, you'll explore the various places in the world game, fighting against all kinds of bosses, beat them and master the unique strengths of each boss. First impression when playing Mega Man 9,! @ # $ (Sorry!) Hard really ... Ninja Gaiden enggak nothing deh! But it's exciting to play a fun game to get ready for their own nerves, reply to siapin pillow to bite so as gemesnya this game and try not broke your controller with a slam-slammed, okeh?

In the game, you have to deal with mechanical elephant that throws huge balls of pink in your direction. To help you beat the elephant one is provided for you to climb the stairs up and shot him from a safe distance. Next, an elephant again appeared, but now no more steps that will help you, so continue to duck and shoot! It was hard but could not be done. At least not yet, because you can just frustrated when facing the next elephant enggak (=.=), been given the stairs there are two big holes in the floor. Even worse, the distance between one hole to another is only 1 inch! Fell into the hole means Mega Man dies, falls even engga Mega Man must avoid the ball is thrown the giant mechanical elephant. Udah deh this just the most violent scenes in our opinion. Prepare to die even more than you can imagine before.

Kalo'm honest, this game is not too challenging or difficult-tough, probably the most appropriate word is "sadistic" (not a negative connotation, but make gregetan), which is like the creator of this game trying to "punish" you constantly. But just take it easy, personally I'm glad games like this, where in a matter of minutes you can be more than twice the death but so can gemesnya enggak stopped playing and wanted to go a little further into the future. After all, not closed the possibility of casual gamers who try this game would immediately turn off the console and store meetings cd is the best game in the box in his cd. Lol. Whatever it is, ready to play Mega Man 9, which was originally going to release later this year for the Wii console, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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