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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Silent Hill : Homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming brings players into a bleak world full of chaos and terror gripped the nuanced story lines as the original new color in Silent Hill, the city is always quiet secluded covered by dense fog. In this game, you will play as Alex Shepherd, a former soldier who just returned from the war and tried to investigate the presence of his younger brother, Joshua. The investigation led to a small community but the people are very closed and brought him through the deserted streets in the town of Silent Hill.

Based on the previous series, Silent Hill: Homecoming still carry a strong foundation in the adventure aspect, the atmosphere at the game, and the plot by offering a sense of fear that you have never met in the survival-horror game more. Besides having to deal with all the evil creatures innumerable, and roam around the city and also Shepherd's Glen, you as Alex had to resolve some puzzles in the game to tread deeper into the gaming world is this mystical smells. There were also several items that should we seek to open the secrets hidden in the game Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Most would you spend your time to check the rooms for the room in the hospital for some items, such as keys and dolls, as well as other clues that allow you to open a new room. The longer you play, gradually pieces together the story began, for example, what actually happened with Joshua, a younger brother Alex? Why every time she tried to approach, he just went away? Every time this happens, Joshua always leave the draft could be a clue for you at the next stage.

Launch Silent Hill: Homecoming also marks the return of the composer Akira Yamaoka, who for the sixth time handling music for Silent Hill game series. He promised the music will build suspense in the game's atmosphere, even during the day though. Many people think Silent Hill: Homecoming as a step in the revitalization of this franchise game, considering rival in the survival-horror genre, ie Resident Evil, now more and more oriented to the action game, in fact is soon going to Silent Hill, there was no competition and could claim to as pemuncak in the genre. This game plan was going to release later on September 30, for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and also the PC.

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