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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Left 4 Dead

Fought together or die alone! Tagline short but quite clearly illustrates the core of the game in the latest artificial game Turtle Rock Studios, the Left 4 Dead, a game co-op multiplayer action game that can be played by four players together and save yourself from the zombies chase. Do not miss the party or you have left and eaten alive by a zombie, his name is Left 4 Dead!

Turtle Rock Studios which is also known as the creator game 'Counter-Strike' has brought a second version of AI technology combined with his Source Engine from the most recent models. For business graphics, the two versions of this game, both on PC and Xbox 360, has a quality that almost no different, just disappointing enggak deh. Control function was elegant enough to use the directional pad (D-pad) to turn on a flashlight or manage your inventory. For those who often play other shooter games guaranteed enggak going difficulties using the control functions of the rest.

In one scene in a game developed by Valve Software, you will enter a forest on the edge of the city, Allegheny Forest. The more inward, the path that you passed through the narrow and that had to move away from the zombies instead of left and right side of you appears a zombie from behind the bushes. Seeing a zombie who comes face to face alone ketar-especially now ketir zombies lunged straight at you and is so close you can almost smell the blood from their mouths. Whew, the most terrifying scene for me personally.

The last news we received mention though this game release schedule for the decline, the developer has confirmed that on 20 Novermber gamers will be able to play this game, both for PC or Xbox 360. Finally!.

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