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Monday, September 21, 2009


The only genre of games that may be barely audible blantika repercussions in the current console is a RTS. Games RTS genre a lot of difficulty when trying to switch from PCs to gaming consoles, because they will lose or unique characteristics that played in the console. But a glimmer of hope occurred when some RTS games like Universe at War: Earth Assault and Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, which initially only we knew it in your PC screen looks now much played in the family parlor owner of the console gamers and the response has good enough in the eyes of gamers society, in particular.

Creative Assembly boldly launched a new RTS game called Stormrise, which has a mission of reform and modernize the RTS genre, with the concept of about the right for a game console. One step taken by the anticipated Creative Assembly, which is also known as the developer other RTS games such as Rome and Total War, is to remove the feature map-scrolling gameplay is said to be the weak point in the console RTS games, and merombaknya with shortcut-based system that allows you quick access to the army units that you control.

When selecting one of the individual units, view live game moved into third-person perspective, directing you to the strategy-based gameplay as the new things you've never seen before in an RTS game. With third-person perspective of this view, you can be more involved in the development of appropriate strategies with the desire barriers and obstacles that can appear suddenly. This way he could say the most effective way to improve the ability of troops, since only with this perspective you can find out what the purpose of your enemies in the game.

Unfortunately there is limited further details about this game is a new plan will be released late 2009. Beyond all that, Stormrise still be a good start and courageous revolutionary step for the RTS genre game designed specifically for next-gen console as it is. Hopefully more and more similar games appear Stormrise later.

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