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Monday, September 21, 2009

Dead Space

If you look good in almost any horror or action movie, there is always a common story in which an unusual rescue mission ended up tragically, even those who had been sent to rescue ended up to be in need of help. Well as well as an outline of the story in Dead Space, games sci-fi survival horror that's Electronic Arts released soon in the near future, to console the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

In this game, you'll play as Isaac Clarke, a mechanic assigned to investigate the Ishimura, a spaceship carrying minerals from the dead planet or have been abandoned by its inhabitants. Ship size 2 kilometers long and has no less than 1,000 ship's crew had broken contact with the earth for some time. As described above, Isaac who suspect this mission will run easily and smoothly, it is in a position that could endanger the safety of herself.

The farther in the game, you want enggak want will begin to realize even though EA has described this game survival-horror genre (which is very apparent in games like Silent Hill or Project Zero), the fact that Dead Space is more like an action-horror game, because Kombat intensity in this game more often than the survival-horror games like.

But the seriousness of Dead Space producer thumbs up to boldly display the new innovative steps without having to hold another brilliant idea. For example all the elements in the HUD will appear as indicator lights embedded in antariksanya clothes, or form as a hologram that is projected onto the surrounding areas. You will control Isaac through third-person perspective, facing all sorts of creatures from the sharp Claws like insects to shoot zombies with a baby covered with blood from the wound in his back.

Isaac Clarke did not like the game in other games are usually set in the army or police, but only an expert mechanic engineer alias. Fortunately, the ship Ishimura there are more than enough equipment or items that can be used by Isaac to "shred" the enemy. From the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with a weapon, called the Plasma Cutter, very useful as a replacement gun.

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