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Monday, September 21, 2009

Far Cry 2

When referring to the success of several recent multiplayer games, like Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4, it is difficult to imagine a similar game with a quality equivalent or perhaps even exceeding the two games will be sticking to the surface in the near future. Course, affect the multiplayer game Far Cry 2 Ubisoft made, which approached ¿½ ï ¿½ does not have anything new when compared to other FPS genre games.

But in fact, Far Cry 2, including the neat multiplayer games and have a balanced composition. One of the most interesting game mode available in this game is Uprising, where one player will be assigned the rank of Lieutenant to master the three central points in the game map, while other team members in charge of guarding the safety of the lieutenant. In addition, several other modes, like capture the diamond (flag), Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and also jazz up a list of game modes in this game along with 14 game maps. Not to forget also features map editor, which allows players to design the map as you wish each person, like Forge feature in Halo 3 game.

Category weapons are divided according to certain classes; Commando classes using machine gun (machine gun), Sharshooter (rifle), Guerilla (shotgun), Rebel (Flamethrower), Gunner (heavy machine gun), and Saboteur (dart rifle). Of some existing game demos, it is strongly recommended to use class Commando, Guerrilla, and Gunner, because it seems clear in this game great physical strength is more useful than just relying on a strategy of tactics. You can increase the weight of your weapon by collecting gems red blood, which is a version of XP in this game, and put them in slots that are available in your weapon.

In addition, Far Cry 2 also presents a panoramic view of natural surroundings, combined with some visual effects make it even more impressive, for example, be careful to use Flamethrower, because not only can you burn the area around you, but one-one members of your team, too burned. Nah loh! The scene is horrible, but what can I say it still looks really cool ^ _ ^ You can also seek treatment or cure yourself at any time while on the plane or helicopter. Uniquely, you do not need P3K box, but just press the left bumper, then the animation options available that shows how you remove a shell from the body. For a few seconds, you will not be able to move, but consider how your medicine box reappears on the map. Some features multiplayer in this game promises satisfaction for gamers, even after completing their in-game storyline.

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