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Monday, September 21, 2009

Golden Axe : Beast Rider

More as a series of games to commemorate his predecessor than a sequel game, which the Secret Level make the Golden Ax: Beast Rider as well as the classic version of the game hack-n-slash style of the Golden Ax, who is now slicked with games that look far more modern. Indeed, at least in the beginning, the goal is trying to bring players recall memories of playing this game, but unfortunately there is one favorite feature on the old version was not going to found the fans of this game in the Golden Ax: Beast Rider, which features co-op play.

Although not denying that there are many interesting parts of the previous games is now also being carried back or even be addressed in order to function better. The simplest example, according to the headline, Beast Rider will be more focus on the beast (wild animals), which in previous games you can only ride a beast in a short time, but now has become one integral part of gameplay. If before you can play multiplayer, with a choice of characters such as Dwarf Barbarian Gilius Thunderhead and Ax Battler, now only one character you can play, namely as Tyris Flare the Amazon, in the style of clothing that was slightly ajar and sexy, and supported view camera that can expose whole parts of his body, this game clearly trying to highlight its beauty the body of the main character (sex appeal).

Gameplaynya forward in terms of type combat Parry time-based system, where you can make money from combat to buy new weapons and armor. And there is some kind of new beast that was introduced in the Golden Ax: Beast Rider, the more emphasized if the beast going to hold a much larger role in this game series, including dragon-shaped beast who can spray fire (two beast of this kind is required to complete a mission in a game that requires you lit two candles before the gates open to the next stage), and the lion beast (to disappear). One more beast that will appear in the middle of the game is like a raptor beast, the jaws of a T-Rex and a tail like a scorpion, which only you can ride with a sword stuck in the back of this beast and then feeding your enemies so devoured by the monster that is always hungry .

The loss features co-op play is time to give the overwhelming concern of this game, because it was bland and dry creativity. As one of the most reliable games from Sega dynasty, so far the response of the gamers on the Golden Ax: Beast Rider is still comparatively cool deep calm. But for all lovers of the series, gamers who feel miss the Golden Ax, or maybe the main character of this game, is obligatory to buy this game, hopefully satisfying all of you.

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