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Monday, September 21, 2009


When you first play of artificial Venetica Deck 13 Interactive, you'd think this game is going to the same genre games hack slash-and-other. It's true, but not many games that use this type of figure nan sexy beautiful women as main characters. In this game, you will act as Scarlet, which is not only with looks alone, because he provided martial skills and good fencing.

Venetica took place in the city setting river Venice, Italy, but a fantasy version of the game. The style characteristic of ancient buildings in Venice complete with built kanalnya remains the same as the original, while the city itself is designed according to descriptions in the game. The city was led by an elder named Death, who comes from a legendary clan. Developing the story line when Death is required to choose one of his successors, and one son is Scarlet. The transition of power sometimes encourage people to willingly do anything to become the new ruler, it also occurs in Venetica, where the various parties fought each other for power. In the midst of this chaos, which was awarded Scarlet special powers by his father to control the situation and restore calm in Venice.

To combat, movement Venetica actually has a really basic, where you just press one button to attack it with any weapon that shot when it is you are using, but because it is too simple then the chances for a long time to fend off enemy attack. You have to combine several attacks by running and rolling techniques to detect your opponent's weaknesses. If the character you want to level up quickly, Master new skills and techniques used in the attack combo techniques.

There is one item, which is a hammer, you can be after defeating one boss. With this hammer, not only can you hurt your opponent but also destroy some secret wall that leads to a specific area. This hammer in time you will also need to deal with other bosses, which is a stone lion statue from the living. Some use a hammer blow was enough to reduce labor bosses by half, this course can shorten your time. Besides having special powers handed down by his father, Scarlet is also able to summon allies from the loyal Undead race helped. Undead-Undead also have the ability to open a treasure chest found in the journey Scarlet.

Not much we can tell other than detailed above, hopefully to the future much more details can be delivered by the publisher of DTP (Digital Entertainment Pool) Deck or 13 since there is still plenty of time for development and a little polish here and there before the scheduled release Venetica in the third quarter of 2009 for the Xbox 360 console and PC.

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