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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Too Human

Baldur, the main character in Too Human, Silicon Knights latest game is a god of ancient peoples of Norway is more like a human figure (Too Human). Because the action-RPG game was the gods using implants such as for Baldur sibernetis own implantasinya not be permanent depending on what modules are attached to him.

Too Human itself tells the endless war between humankind and the machine. Gameplay in Too Human offers easy enough to understand and you can combine several weapons capability. Concern for human Baldur took him to inner conflict to choose the limitless power like a god but increasingly fallen to the dependence on the machine or leave it and him closer to the earthly life with other human beings.

To facilitate you to play Too Human, Silicon Knights party kindly providing several ways to upgrade Baldur (the main character in the game), since the gods would prefer to suck as much as possible existing technology to help in the war, you can do more slightly but by knowing more about how and when to use these technologies as important. Here are the things you may need to consider:

Armor, each armor has a bonus stat different. There is also armor with an empty slot, meaning you can place the rune (bonus) itself as a combination of stat you want.

Weapons, there is also already equipped with stat bonuses or empty slot. There is also a weapon with a bonus Status Effects, for example that adds fire damage when an attack is successfully entered.

Runes, useful for the upgrade, could mean the addition of speed and size of attacks as attack damage and speed guns.

Charm quests, with quest-completing this quest, you can get a bonus or additional status for Baldur. For example bonus you get from completing one of Charm Quest Wreath of Fallen Minds then chances are you to make you dizzy just target and attack another enemy bigger.

Leveling means raising the level of your character by killing enemies or gain experience points (exp) to increase the stat and skill points you.

Class Skill Tree, is a skill category of characters you are divided into 3 types, the more you fill in each of the stat you will grow and learn new skills.

Alignment Skill Tree, which was more referring to the basic mastery of your skills - leading to more human side or sibernetis.

Later changes you make will affect the course of the story in games like Baldur's personality than his own. "At the end of the game, you will see the Baldur's changed significantly," as quoted from the release made by Silicon Knights. "Baldur is now becoming more realistic," said Silicon Knights again.

"The closer you are to level 50, armor and character development are increasingly important. We really hope the players will be able to share their experiences with what has been done on each individual character, as well as exchanging weapons and how to use new combinations for some higher level, "said Silicon Knights explained.

Although the current maximum level that can be achieved only up to level 50, does not mean Baldur be stuck up there. Originally, Too Human trilogy will be made in the game, but do not worry to progress to the next sequel, you can take and bonuses and armor that you have found in previous games.

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