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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Brink is the new game modes that will combine the single-player game and multiplayer into a game that will bring the PC and console gamers into a stylish game. One thing to be recognized from this game is, this game full of explosions and eruptions here and there that will make gamers who liked the sound of gunfire and explosions were satisfied. Well, maybe could say the explosion was also all the elements that will be one of the most prominent point in this game.

"The direct audio problem here is Chris Sweetman, people who have been involved in Black and Burnout Paradise," said Ed Sternm senior designer for the game. "He's a maniac and I can say that with fondness, but he's a very maniac. The voice of this game is even much better than our last two games." List of staff involved in this game really consists of those who were truly great. "Lead Level Designer Neil Alphonso we are from Killzone 2 and we get a good enough staff in field-level design like Dave Johnson is working on De Dust (map in Counter Strike that must have known the Kotakers all) of our art directors, which Olivier Leonardi working on Prince of Persia; lead character artist, who designed the Appleby Tim Shepard in Mass Effect and lead coder, Dean Calver involved in Heavenly Sword. "

Brink is also the first project of the Splash Damages to the console and they really do not want to underestimate the project for this console even though they are a company that is great in developing games for the PC. "We want to show one thing to recruit the best people in his field," said Stern. "We have to develop, we came with the PC world background and we did not have the experience to make this game. We must go out, pick it up and persuade them to trust us, we are confident this game will be good."

As with any game other than Brink, the main core of the game that they have developed a multiplayer game that has an objective, complete with a huge map and design a very good character and gathering experience. Then what makes Brink will get better again is the number of existing decoration in this game.

The very first here is how you move the character, which seems to borrow from the movement's Mirror's Edge DICE, reviving the genre first-person shooting. With a focus on the SMART button (not the modem yes, but Smart Random Movement Across Terrain), you will get keatletisan level unmatched in the game like that. One of the best examples here is when you are faced with a safety laser light. Here, you have three options you can choose. First, quite easily. You're trying to break through (which resulted in the alarm went off) and be prepared to fight. Now, for the second choice, all these things will get help from these SMART button. When you look up, then automatically you will try to pass the laser with your body arching; looking down will make you try to slide out from under without sounding the alarm. Overall it also will be accompanied by animation that really amazing.

In addition to the smart button, which makes it feel different Brink with other games that feature is given a direction that could be said to be very easy to see, but still beautiful and spoil the eye. The main characters appearance you also look very good. Basic body is a body full of muscles here and there and the more unique here is that they all can you customize at will you. Change your appearance you'll be able to see directly in combat.

Not to miss also is the type of character classes you can choose at any time. Although in this game you only get four types of work (Operative, Medic, Soldier and Engineer), they all can be customized almost at will you use the upgrades you have gained during the game. It sounds like the game first-person shooter online in general, but when you've started playing, you will feel yourself the difference.

Neither should the folder that is available, where the first time when you're trying to select an existing map, the map will be presented information that involves two parties, the Security and Resistance. According to the existing info, when you've started playing, you will not be able to feel the difference from this game is actually being played in online mode or offline. "For modes such as single-player / multiplayer, it was a rather strange idea," said Stern, "and it is common enough here, is you're pretty good in single-player mode, then you try to go online and it feels very different , the fact is you do not get akibatkanya good and you can not enjoy it. We are very anxious in the berobjektif multiplayer game, so fantastic, but that mode could also be the most annoying thing when you try to play it. So, we'll try to keep hold of all good elements of a game and get rid of all the elements that make the game sucks and it remains consistent and there are no weaknesses.

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