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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Elemental : War of Magic

Elemental: War of Magic is a game from Stardock work. The first impression gained after seeing this game is impressive. Indeed the Stardock's game plan for years and finally managed to appear at the end of November 2008. Surprisingly, a collection of features that appear very attractive and impressive.

Elemental to take the story in a world that was almost destroyed by the war between the two creatures of magic are very strong. In this conflict, there are so many parties or countries trying to rebuild their empire. On the one hand, there is the human side. As in general, you will find things like a city surrounded by high walls, complete with army armor and ride horses and many more others. Then there's the evil that has the intention to spread darkness all over the world. One party can not be played again and they only act as a neutral party. There are numerous species of creatures here, ranging from dragons to other magical creatures.

Although just feels like a normal strategy game, but this game actually has its own storyline. You will play the main character has a very important task that must be implemented. To get through it all, you have to pass a variety of challenges. But there are unique here. If the regular game is a strategy game where you can not find out about your opponent until you attack or diseranganya, then here you can see the status of the other characters. Yes. Other characters here also have their missions each and the Elemental, anyone who successfully complete the mission that is to win.

One of the coolest things in this game is the availability of two modes you can play. There are 2D perspective that will look like a map of his images that often you find in fantasy novels. From this perspective, the game will automatically look like a strategy game that is very classy and of course there are distinct advantages when you see it from this perspective. The advantage is with the 2D perspective, you will not need a computer with high graphics power. Even the weakest laptop can even be used to play this game.

If you want to feel this game with 3D graphics support, this mode is also available. Once again, Elemental managed to impress. The picture looks fresh and unique and you can also zoom with a very high level. You can bring your camera so close to the building or the area around the game.

The main element in this game, as described by Brad Wardell of Stardock, is the element of diplomacy is influenced by the novels of George RR Martin. Problems in the most ordinary diplomacy in strategy games is the diplomatic relationship that you have to handle only using the basics that will not actually exist in real life. In Elemental, you'll play as a ruler with full power on the part of you and you can get married with a son or daughter of the other party in order to strengthen the friendship between countries. This will play a very important role in the war because sometimes, there are only certain countries with an emotional interest to come to help other countries. When had been talking up there, it automatically will also involve generation after generation, and usually, this will be more complicated. For gamers who hold power over most of the existing island would have its own advantages.

With things like that, no doubt if there'll be a lot of requirements to win different than what you can get in the game in general strategy. After all, conquer the whole world is a job well and in a way is a very hard job and requires a very long process, especially in this game. Then there are also some missions that will surely take a long time to complete, but once completed, and you succeed in its mission properly, it will be a distinct advantage for you. An example is when you get a mission from a dragon to save the eggs. This mission requires a very long time and certainly will take up a lot of your time. But if you succeed, then these dragons will join your army. Hayo, who is strongly against the dragon, the amount is not about that? Well, this is where you are obliged to consider whether all your efforts it is worth? You have to determine themselves. Another aspect which is also cool is you can use magic to reshape the world, pulled out a mountain and others. All of these can you use such a way that can provide for your own benefit.

Elemental also not forget to include a tool that has been developed by Stardock such a way that you can freely modify all the objects in this game, from the objects, buildings, and all magic effects. Even you can also adjust and change the existing regulations. Unfortunately, this game will still be released and not expected to be released in the year 2010 at the time still unknown. Curious

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