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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Championship Manager 2010

Lagged behind the success of his rival, Football Manager, Eidos and Beautiful Games a big bet for Championship Manager 2010, sebah soccer management game that takes advantage of the extensive development cycle and full of new features. The most striking thing is the bold approach of pricing. Eidos let the customer choose the appropriate price. Eidos offered exclusively to customers who book in advance an offer pay-what-you-want. This is an aggressive way to make the Championship Manager computer back to consumers and back into their minds, and if they really play, they'll find a game that was much developed compared to last year's game.

Navigate through the menu will now feel more comfortable for the eyes, because its user interface has been streamlined and is dressed in style. An aesthetic upgrade, which makes navigation option-option is very much more "humane".

Resource management elements of this game is supported by a system of talent scouts who have been developed which made possible the global network. Investment must be made wisely, a new player to become the star field will probably be a real star in the future, so it is advisable to monitor the players continuously.

Knowledge of a player will be poured into the news and the media that reflects every action of the player in question, reported every movement and action that resembles soccer news reports in real life.

New recruits can be imported into the new training center, where players can be trained to exercise capacity was also set-pieces. In training sessions, very easy to monitor the progress of players and their ability to read the real thing.

Presented 3D engine looks detailed and smooth, giving 5 different point of view. Although it can not compare with Footbal Manager who has not come out, this is good progress.

One new feature is the most interesting feature is the CM that provides Live Season statistics into the real football game, allowing players to bring real-world team to success. This is a brilliant way to satisfy those who like to protest the famous coaches such as Manchester, Ferguson or Mourinho who sometimes have problems with their squads or injury problems. Well, now they have the opportunity to try to train these teams.

When the game was released on September 11, 2009, its database will contain inaccurate data until July 31, 2009, but with a single update will be presented throughout the data transfer and key events until August 31, 2009, and so on will be done monthly update to make the game still relevant.

In conclusion, there are many things that make us think that Championship Manager 2010 will probably beat the Football Manager, and of course the pricing strategies that dared to give a reason for us to find out more about this game on launch day.

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neilhoja said...
pada hari 

wow.... never pass this game!

akhatam said...
pada hari 

nice game...!!!

Ocim said...
pada hari 

ane nda suka

but if FM 2010 i lkes that's

asep canda said...
pada hari 

keren ieu game na yon

Mas Doyok said...
pada hari 

aku seneng game kek gini
mantep deh pokoke

nice info

Cici said...
pada hari 

mY bRotHer,FoOtBallManaGer adDiCted,.aRe saMe wiTh cHampiOnshIp maNageR?..ouGh,WhateVer!
KeeP bLoggIng,Guys!

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