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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dante's Inferno

Around 700 years ago, a young man named Dante Alighieri, who considered the father of Italian language, write a book that ultimately serve as a mid-century point of view of life after death. The book entitled Divine Comedy, Dante told me about the trip in search of women who are considered ideal for him and the criteria it is on a woman named Beatrice. This book is finally adapted and made by EA into a game with the title of Dante's Inferno.

The contents of the book written by Dante is indeed quite unique. The reason is, in Dante's book describes in detail such as whether it was hell. He explained clearly that in hell, there are 9 levels. 5 top-level reserved only for those who commit sin accidentally. Whereas the remaining 4 levels (mentioned by Dante as the city of Dis) is a great place for those who are going to sin against fellow human beings. Of course the penalty for the lower level 4 is much more sadistic and will be filled also with the devil.

From the explanation, the EA team led by Jonathan Knight as the Executive Producer and Creative Director for Dante's Inferno, they also make what has been described by Dante in the book as their primary handle in game design. According to Knight, there are 4 main elements here are the main concern of the place settings, characters, themes and the story itself.

Not only the mapping of hell are described clearly and in detail in this book, but also designs the main character, the guards and enemy characters and monsters in these stories. For the main character, characters like Dante, Beatrice, Virgil and Lucifer will be found here. Then another character like Shades (which form their souls have been condemned) as told in his book will also appear. Most recently was the main character of kings such as King Minos or Cerberus.

The story in this game itself is also certain to have a storyline far more mature and you will be dealing with things like death, sin, condemnation and punishment. The more you explore in this hell, then you will find more and more new elements in the game. But, according to Knight who becomes the story it is the freedom to choose. "Life is not determined, life after death is not specified, all people have the choice to do good or evil in life and they will accept the consequences of all the options they choose," explained Knight. This is what will be its own dilemma because as Kotakers already know and what we wrote above, every action there is consequences.

Of course not everything will be equated with the story of a book that more use of rhyme as the basis for the story. If you like that, we believe this game will be a lullaby than a full game action. If true, it would be ridiculous. Maybe because it was aware of, Knight also made a slight change in the way of story and character there. A total of 3 major changes provided. The first is to provide more action in this game, so the entire conversation was mostly in the form of the poem will be directly mentioned as being fought. Then the changes will also be made to Lucifer. Lucifer is a character that is actually quite important in hell. But in the novel, Lucifer just not too much has a role. Therefore, Knight makes the role of Lucifer becomes larger and makes Lucifer into a character that would be a big enemy of Dante.

Last Change itself is located on which Dante here told that Dante was a defiant hero to death. He fought with the Death's Scythe and he was through hell just to save Beatrice and that's what Knight according to main quality is to Dante as the main hero of this game. Actually not only that that was changed by Knight and his team. They also design Dante so that he became an anti-hero, a man full of sin, but he also was a saint with a cross the magical power of light. Her love is very deep and really sincere to Beatrice, will make him keep track of Hell to save Beatrice.

Now, after dealing with some existing design elements to this game, we will try to discuss about the plots used in Dante's Inferno. Setting time used in this game is about the year 1911 and the journey that began with Dante, who was in a forest where camping and was intending to return to his homeland after the Crusades. A strange thing happened. Dante took a rug, a needle and thread, then sew the carpet directly into his own skin. Miraculously, the tapestry of life that directly and immediately describe all the brutality and cruelty that exists and Dante had done during the war.

After the incident, Dante seems to be dragged and confronted with the god of death. Basic indeed he was a pretty hard head, he also fought against the god of death and finally he won and managed to get the sickle from the hands of the god of death. After a successful escape from death, she returned to her home with a happy mind is after he returned from the Crusades, he would marry a girl whom she loved, Beatrice. But that's not what he saw when he returned to his home. He got all the servants in his house had been slaughtered and the time of entry into the room in his house, he got Beatrice in a state of half-naked and impaled on the floor. Beatrice Spirit appeared and tried to explain to Dante's what happened, but unfortunately his business failed because of Lucifer appeared and immediately pulled him straight to hell Dante pursuing.

According to Knight, the story of this game will experience significant changes although Dante's main purpose remains unchanged. Remember the rug is stitched to the skin it? Well, every time he enters a new level, you will get a sin flashbacks of what had been done. In these flashbacks, you'll better understand the dark side of a Dante. This is what makes Knight said that this game will be experiencing a transition from a mission to rescue Beatrice became a story about the life and efforts of Dante penance.

According to information, mechanisms are provided here game somewhat similar to God of War. You can use the sickle to issue regular attack and a more powerful attack, as in similar games (Devil May Cry or God of War). Existing level of flexibility in this game, especially in the case of an attack combo will encourage gamers to try a variety of attacks that must be cool to increase the combo meter  there. Weapon is just one of the few weapons that can be used. Another weapon he could use the holy cross which has magical powers. He could also spell out. A character with a full capacity, but unfortunately also filled with sin.

Previously we've had to explain that this game will have features to make a choice. When Dante met with the Shade, you will get several choices. You can punish the spirit or choose to save it. Now try you choose, you want to be good or evil? Shades to save this (or punish, it's up to you), you are required to press certain buttons that appear on the screen. If you managed to hit all the key successfully, then you will get a prize. Fail, then you will not get anything.

For graph problems, with the game and classmate Dante's Inferno, not to mention the fact that this game was developed by one of the best teams ever in EA, would not be surprising if the existing level kedetilan also looks very neat and very detailed. Just wait for this game's presence in your favorite console such as PS3, Xbox360 and PSP later in the year 2010


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