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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tomb Raider Underworld

Eidos Interactive, one of the largest game developer in the world, announced the launch of Tomb Raider Underworld (TRU) for North America on November 18, 2008, while for lovers of Lara Croft gamers in Europe can enjoy the TRU began on 21 November 2008. This made multiplatform game, good for Xbox360, PS3, PS2, Wii, NDS, and PC.

Tomb Raider Underworld originally known as Tomb Raider 8, because this is the eighth and the Tomb Raider series is the third of the Tomb Raider series of artificial Crystal Dynamics. TRU Lara's adventure continued after Tomb Raider Legend, which took the setting in Chiapas, Mexico, where she found a portal to the underworld, Xibalba. This portal will only open for 5 days in the month Wayeb, in the Mayan calendar. She also traveled to the coast of Thailand, the island of ice in the Arctic, the jungle in Mexico, and many other new areas.

Game TRU specially designed using the most advanced technology today for a genre of action adventure game based on exploration. How to describe a woman brave adventurer places across no man's land all over the world with a nice detailed look as though we are in real life and his own adventure dangerous hit.
Narrated this time Lara Croft who was exploring the ancient ruins at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea to find a portal to the underworld, which supposedly is the legacy of ancient Norse civilization of nations (Norway). In this place also Lara found it will, namely the magic hammer of Thor, the god of lightning Norway. History says that Thor's magical hammer has the power that could destroy the earth and all its contents. What actions taken by Lara dashyat very forces which were now in hand? Satisfy your curiosity by playing TRU and enjoy a new adventure Lara Croft, of course with some additional features that accounted for today's sophisticated.

Including the quality of graphics that much more attractive, such as special effects in the water, objects, and application of shader system. Where she could look wet or just get a splash rain. Muddy and the mud is passed by Lara gets stuck in the clothes for some time. Lara's hair is also not lose detail, in rainy conditions, so lank hair and do not swing freely because of the wet. She would sweat when hot conditions, on the other hand if the rain water will slow down through his body.

Remarkably again, she will leave footprints in the mud that will not go away, except in the delete itself or rain. Rubble and the bodies remain in place. In wet locations, the walls more slippery and may not be climbed by Lara, a different condition if the wall had been in dry conditions. A wet tree branch appearance is also different compared with the dry branches.

Lara can also balanced on a pole and if it fell, then he will do backflip to try to hold back this pole. Lara can even take this pole and use it as a weapon, or as an aid to do the long jump.

Environment functions are now able to save memory, so that the puzzle can now be solved in various ways. For example you lose the object it takes to solve a puzzle, then you can find similar items or functions similar to the object.

Lara is now equipped with a Melee attack, which was not intended to kill the opponent with one blow, but enough to keep my distance from your opponent so that she can shoot them with less risk of injury. To shoot, she can do it in almost all positions, including when hanging on the pole or rope.

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