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Thursday, September 17, 2009

World of Warcraft : Wrath of Lich King

In the expansion pack World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King, the second time since release in 2004, Blizzard build a new area, the most northern regions of the earth Azeroth, Northrend named. According to the story's plot, this is where Arthas took refuge after his defeat in the Outland. He's hiding in here and continue to build strength and continue to do chaos in the surrounding area.

In addition to the story line presents a more in-depth, Wrath of Lich King also allows you to reach a maximum until level 80 (previously only up to level 70). With the new territory, will automatically have a new dungeon dungeon, plus the added enemies and diverse strategies to beat any more different. New Dungeon, certainly a lot of new items. Almost all have new deh, for example, skill, talent, armor, professions, and even a new character class.

For the first time Blizzard added a new character class for World of Warcraft, the Death Knight. Not much can be found out about this new hero class, but certainly you can only play the Death Knight with the minimum requirements your character's level 55. DK has the ability as a tanker or DPS, because in addition to using armor plate (one of the classes mentioned tankers will not use the shield!), DK also has a talent and skill combined caster Melee / Ranged (long distance).

DK power source comes from the rune power. Not like mage or other caster that uses mana, or rage for the class tankers, as well as rogue energy. Rune power itself is divided into 3 basic elements, namely to increase the Blood through the magic spell damage, Frost is more directed to the mob control, the same as last Unholy owned Warlock and priest characters using DOT (damage overtime) and some other magical skills.

One of the magical skills DK is the Army of the Dead, turn on some kind of zombie creatures to attack targets from the Security Council. No more Unholy Embrace (skill one instant, but has a 5-minute cooldown time), giving the enemy debuff for 6 seconds, so the 50% heal effect on targets that have been hit debuff will turn out to be damage to the target.

In addition to new characters, there are also some new dungeon that is not less interesting, for example Occulus. This Dungeon special for you who are level 80, because as the only first dungeon where you can use a flying mount, you certainly hope not everyone can just go straight to the dungeon located in Borean Tundra, Coldarra. New Dungeon class Occulus slightly below, the Halls of Stone (average level 77-79). It is said that the origins and forms of this dungeon is very closely related to the first we know the dungeon Uldaman. Another special dungeon level 80 housed in Cavern of Time with the mission of exploring the culling of Stratholme.

Reforms took place not only on the gameplay and characters, but Blizzard also made a new breakthrough for the menu display. The top of the Achievement window will show the number of points you have achieved your success by solving Achievement in the game. The lower section, a description for each of Achievement, such as name, description, point value, date, and your progress. This achievement diverse organized into several categories which will be as you see in the achievement window, as follows:

PvP, be it in arena and BG; the Hot Streak, won in the arena 10 times in a row, and Alterac Valley All-Star, AV mop including a graveyard and all the bosses, and the City Defender, proving to kill 50 enemy for defending the city kamu dari serangan musuh.

Dungeon and Raid, each boss end of the raid and dungeon worthy of achievement. Assessment of likely future for them plus if done without the dead, or a total of players who participated, and in a certain time limit.

Profession, you achievement in their respective professions for mastery stage will give you an achievement, and specific achievement goes for the second and third professional.

Quest, runs some special quest quest for achievement or other chain-quest.

Even, some seasonal events (seasonal), for example Midsummer Festival, Lunar, and Hallows End `have their achievement.

Exploration, the more often you explore new areas of achievement the more points you get, and the meta-achievement award when you successfully explore a continent.

Reputation, reach exalted reputation for each faction in the game.

General, this achievement is more referring to the appearance of characters, including hair style, models Tabard, and dressing your pet, falls from heights, and many more.

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