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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sony and Sega Plan Leaks

A document that contains the meeting materials and meeting between the Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment leak. In the document, there are all the ingredients has been the topic of conversation and gossip from the gamers.

First discovered on (date approximate) August 6, 2009 through a public relations servers was accidentally leaked, described in this document about what will be done by Sega to Sony.

Here is information about data leaks are: 

  • Sony's Motion controller will be released in March 2010 in Japan. Sega reportedly been working with Sony to create games that can use the motion controllers, including Virtua Tennis.
  • Sega is considering to bring all the games ever released on the Dreamcast to the PlayStation Network (PSN), saying that they will provide a list of games for Sony, and will allow Sony to choose their own and release it first before it will be released by Xbox Live. 
  • Given a "confidential", Sony seems determined to sell all PS2 games ever in the PSN.
  • Bayonetta collector's edition version is also reportedly in development, which in the package will also include an action figure. Demo for the game is also reportedly ready to release some months later in December and the game for the release date is rumored to be released on January 5, 2010. 
  • Sega is considering the release of Japanese games on special import stores on the PlayStation Network. One of them is the Yakuza franchise and will dibanderol a price between U.S. $ 10 to U.S. $ 40. 
  • A new Blu-Ray, Best of Sonic, which has all the Sonic games are long in one Blu-Ray is also mentioned. That will likely set the price is U.S. $ 99 (about 1 million rupiah).
       Sony itself declined to provide any information related to this leakage. So, maybe it will be held a change or even cancellation of the release for all these plans. We'll see

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