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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Using cartridge NDSi Region Locked

With the release of new NDSi, of course Nintendo will also make other changes to the cartridge is available, primarily a special cartridge for DSI. According to information we collect, the changes have been made by Nintendo DSI is to lock the cartridge in such a way that can only be used in regions where the cartridge is sold for just alias region locked.

But apparently, according to restrictions on the use of this region can only be used on NDSi only, while for the standard DS or DS Lite will not be affected because the handheld has a different firmware which is owned by DSI.

There are even some gamers who speculated that the restriction of the use will be limited only to download through DSI Shop and DSiWare. This, they speculated, is because the territory was the one who determines which online stores will be connected with the handheld.

Indeed this is a fairly surprising news, given the DSI is the first handheld from Nintendo that uses the features of this region-lock. Nintendo never mentioned about this issue last year. They say that the reason they use this way is because of some problems with certain internet connectivity and also a parental control program that uses a unique rating standards of each territory.

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