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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Producer Halo 3: ODST Discuss Marketing Strategies Mistakes

Halo 3: ODST has so far managed to score 85 and it is not a bad number. But of course not as high as ever earned by his predecessor. Most of the protests that were distributed by the gamers here is because of the high prices given for a game that is considered as a version of Halo 3 expansion. That is according to Ashley Cheng, director of production Bethsoft could have taken care of during the process of marketing the game.

"Microsoft and / or Bungie's wrong dalah marketing," Cheng said in his blog. "The first says that the game expansion pack is a stand-alone, then we say that the reason membanderol full price is because we have to include more elements in the game anymore and that is what is called the Halo: ODST. Microsoft certainly would not sell price This is less than actual prices. This is a new Halo game and this game will be best-selling, no matter what happens. "

"Because of these changes, critics and reviewers now say that maybe Halo: ODST not worth pegged at full price, this game should be much cheaper and so forth. My God ...," he continued. "First, most games, especially games with first person shooter genre has a duration of about 5-10 hours of play. Maximum. So what makes the Hello different from other games? You can not just blame Halo: ODST it. I bet if Microsoft not doing giving the wrong marketing message, it talks about the price would not be too much. "  That happens when handling the delivery of the message can not be done well.

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