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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Need for Speed : Shift

The Need for Speed has always been guaranteed a certain quality racing game for a decade. But although the Need for Speed series is very well known, in the era of PS2 and PS3, games Need for Speed flying less than the PC era. When Need for Speed: Undercover sales drop, the more convinced that EA NFS fans needed something new. To meet these demands return back EA Need for Speed series to the most basic roots, and so was born a Need for Speed is a racing circuit with simulation game play.

Unlike the series of Forza and Gran Turismo is the initial target was already racing simulation, Need for Speed: Shift start everything from scratch. EA seems to not want to throw all typical Need for Speed, for the EA continue to use the base is the development of arcade gameplay, but simulation elements

When I first played this game, you will undergo a test lap. When I drive a car is very rough and uncontrolled, then this game will suggest the type of easy to use, packed with aid so that you can keep playing. But if you successfully complete the with perfect lap, this game will offer advanced settings you use. Despite its advanced control, simulation elements offered by the Need for Speed: Shift is still far below the Forza and GT series.

Weakness in the apparently intentional, because playing Need for Speed without seeing a car pull unreasonable or Nitro is too fast. The cars in Need for Speed: Shift does not have realistic damage. You can make a BMW car dented, but the damage was limited to mere cosmetic. With the features in this game is not wrong, when NFS: Shift could be called the perfect marriage between arcade and simulation game play. All were supported by a balance between these two elements and the gradual pleasure of simulation and arcade elements.

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aRi isTiadi said...
pada hari 

nice this blog

mampir sob

BEBEN said...
pada hari 

suka warna birunyah ni blog...mantab...keep posting...

mapuc said...
pada hari 

manteb nich, thanks yow

Deni said...
pada hari 

Nice info games....top games I Like

FreeGames said...
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Sharing games review..mantap bro game-nya

veronica said...
pada hari 

i used to play NFS before, i was addicted! LOL!

shidiq said...
pada hari 

Bisa didownload dimana tuh?

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